Complimentary Workshop
In this powerful 60 minute workshop, you will create a step-by-step, 6 month vision plan for your life. Together we will explore where you are in your life TODAY and WHERE you want to be. It all begins with a VISION.

After watching the workshop video, you’ll have some big AHA moments.  Get ready to feel exhilarated about your life again! 

Once you’re clear on your vision, the next step is to make an action plan. This will move you forward.

Dreaming won’t cut it - you must take action.

START feeling inspired, hopeful, empowered and ready to make the changes that you know you need to do to reclaim your life once and for all...

Stop sabotaging yourself and allow the best version of yourself steer you in the direction of your dreams!

You only get one life so stop telling yourself you can't do it.

Workshop Details

During the workshop we will explore specific areas of your life. I will help you come out of overwhelm and confusion so you can see your future direction with clarity and confidence.

This 60 Minute Workshop Covers:
Career or Mission/Purpose
Watch The Video To Learn More...

You will uncover and name a behavior that you will no longer tolerate in yourself (ex: self doubt, worry, fear) so you can reinvent your life after cancer.

After the workshop is over you will feel inspired. You will awaken to all the possibilities that are available in the here and now, so you will live in alignment with your vision.

It's time to REINVENT and bring your dreams to life!